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Book review: Chazown by Craig Groeschel

Chazown is an interesting read, very well written and detailed, enjoyed all the stories and motivational tips. It's truly helpful in realizing the vision, dream imprinted in us that give us fulfillment and desire to fight. Through a humble heart, sincerity and commitment we can embark on the wonderful journey that will lead to the ultimate scope we were created for. Craig Groeschel is making it easy to understand how to be focused on this commitment, being equipped with an attitude of prayer and love. Would recommend this book to anyone. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review.

Book review: Talking with God by Adam Weber

Prayer life is truly important and I was surprised to see how good this wonderful book by Adam Weber is at showing in simple, deep and sincere way how through a personal relationship with God, he started this prayer life that's talking with God like one would do with a best friend. Besides it's the one best friend in the whole wide planet that would never disappoint us or let us down. It's really amazing what a good friend and Dad we have in God. There's lots of practical ways that God answers prayer's in His timing, according to His will, if we're willing to obey His commandments and seek His face sincerely, out of love and desire to know Him intimately. This is the best relationship we can ever invest in and be sure that He will answer every need, every question and give us fulfillment that we are in His will. I received a copy of the book from Blogging for books for this review. Would recommend this book to anyone.

Book review: Seven mile miracle by Steven Furtick

Pastor's Steven Furtick book is a perfect gift this Easter but not only now. It expresses God's final words in His final hours about forgiveness, salvation, relationship, abandonment, distress, triumph and reunion. These key words offer meaning in strengthening our relationship with Jesus. It helps every believer that has unbelief, self doubt, fear how to address these issues. It also makes you reflect on how to overcome the battlefield of the mind and how to get to where one is supposed to be. In this book it's expressed grace, favor, profound sense of the need to focus on the heart, not on the superficial things that people look at. It suggests to be humble, have faith in God, fill our vessels with His power, authority and be led by the Holy Spirit. He can help us overcome and be more than conquerors. I received a copy of the book from the publisher and presented my opinion about it.

Book review: Beauty begins by Chris & Megan Shook

Beauty begins with realizing God loved us from the beginning and has us in mind when we were created just the way we are. We are loved by God and our beautiful spirit is something that has way greater value than the way we look. In this book you will discover how to focus on God's perfect love and not on what today's world sees as beautifully accepted.

Recommend this book to anyone, its insightful and practical, well written and a pleasure to read. I received this book from for this review.

Book review: Nothing to prove by Jennie Allen

It's truly a challenge in today's world to stay strong, committed, faithful and happy especially in times of struggle, disappointment, sadness and failures. Jennie Allen is providing throughout this book solutions that lead you to a life of contentment, joy and stability. Being grateful and looking at the positive picture changes a lot and makes us free knowing that Jesus is enough for us, He can meet all of our needs and can work through us wonderfully as we know and love him more and more. Would recommend this book gladly to anyone. Very well presented and a pleasure to read it. Truly inspiring and motivational.

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FTC: I received this book from the publisher for this review.

Book review: Warfare praying by Mark Bubeck

Mark Bubeck offers a lot of biblical wisdom, lots of personal stories and steps for walking in spiritual victory. Pastor Bubeck shares tactics for triumph sincerely and profoundly. You will discover the importance of walking with the Lord, being filled with the Holy Spirit, wearing the whole armor of God and praying strong in the midst of spiritual warfare. Our priority relationship should be getting to know God very well and that's how we have victory in our spiritual battles, letting Him fight the battles for us. We need to communicate with Him, ask for help and guidance and live in obidience and surrender. The more we are filled with His Holy Spirit, the more we become like Him and it's our secret weapon along with having the full armor of God with that we can stop any spiritual attacks that come against us and win the battle. Our priority should be praying often in our secret place and having faith that He who is in us is bigger than the one who is in the world. Would recommend this book to anyone. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review.

Book review: 25 Questions you're afraid to ask about love, .. by Juli Slattery

Dr. Juli Slattery is doing a great job at responding 25 of the most important questions people might have about intimacy, love and personal inquiries any couple may struggle with. There's lots of practical tips that clear up some misconceptions or doubts. Intimacy is a very important element that brings together a couple or distances them, so it's very important to communicate these needs. This helps in keeping the partners in agreement, it's very useful information for both to understand the importance of expressing each other's needs, desires, deal with any differences so that both of them are happy. This communication improves a marriage and avoids any possible issues that can separate couples or get them unfulfilled because they're needs are not met. Would recommend to any woman or man that needs a little insight on improving some things that are useful and practical regarding the questions dealt with in this work. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review. 

Book review: No more perfect marriages by Mark & Jill Savage

Marriage requires lots of work, it's a lifetime process to get better at it and a daily choice and challenge to love the spouse, understand and accept the differences because that's what makes it unique and special. A growing marriage brings emotional positive environment in which the partners compliment and support each other through all the hardships and beautiful moments. It's not easy but worth fighting for with the whole being and learning how to progress. Mark and Jill Salvage do a great work in this insightful book, lots of comparisons, thinks to reflect on, experiences that influence and motivate to keep pressing on for the most beautiful experience and life a person can have with the loved one. I received a copy from the publishing house and expressed my honest opinion about this book.

Book review: Full by Asheritah Ciuciu

Truly a good book that explains the need people have to dig into relationship with God but instead they get themselves into bondage over food. This crave sensation is natural and with lots of praying and self control can be overcome. Asheritah offers solutions to discipline, lots of practical tips and motivation to get strong and find fullness in God. This is a wonderful explained book, easy to read, practical and on point. I received a copy from the publisher and this is my opinion about it. Would recommend this to anyone.

Book review: 8 Simple tools for raising great kids by Dr. Todd Cartmell

Truly an inspiring book that offers lots of practical advice how to raise kids that follow God and live for Him. We have been given a big responsibility and educating kids is a big challenge. Dr. Todd is doing a great job in presenting how to implement the right tools to shape the children and offer them the right example and teaching. Education is a hard task, needs lots of practice, patience, perseverance, love, prayer. Sometimes it's challenging but the amount of reward when children grow up godly it's phenomenal. Would recommend this book to every parent, it is well written, concise, well presented. I received a copy from the publisher for this review.

Book review: Kingdom prayer by Tony Evans

Kingdom prayer is a great practical book that offers a lot of applications in every believers life of how to take advantage of the power that we have through prayer. Not only are we getting in a closer relationship to God being in prayer, but also changes our attitudes, the way we think, and changes us. There is a lot of power when we pray boldly and when we believe. We also help people around that need support. Praise and worship is detrimental in our Christian life. Tony Evans offers lots of Bible verses and solutions that help every believers to become equipped with this powerful weapon. Would recommend this book to anyone. Very motivational, well presented and explained. I received a copy of the book from the publisher and expressed my opinion about it.

Book review: The 5 love languages of children by Gary Chapman

The 5 love languages for children is a great book that offers insightful information on how to discover and speak your child's love language, how to use the love languages to help your child learn best and how to discipline in a loving, effective way. It's very important to communicate the live and make sure the children get it. Both authors are presenting tips on how important the physical toughness is, the need of words of affirmation is required and the presence of gifts and acts of service. Also quality time is a must that can't be substituted for anything. There's also presented good evidence of the importance of discipline, learning, how to improve patience, calm, wisdom and education of the children. I would recommend this book to every parent. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for the review.

Book review: The 5 love languages military edition by Gary Chapman

Gary Chapman is doing a great job throughout the book at offering insight, ideas that help any military couple. There's lots of stories and practical applications of this wonderful military wife that can help anyone going through a hard time separated. It's also therapeutical to see different ways of helping the partners in opening up and sharing any traumas or struggles dealt with while away. The book is similar to the original book that I read by Gary and it's simple, easy to understand, would recommend it to anyone. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review.

Book review: The 10 commandments of marriage by Ed Young

The 10 commandments of marriage offers practical solutions for a successful marriage. Ed Young presents the importance of sacrifice, giving, avoiding selfishness, support each other, help from both sides. Communication is a main tool in improving the partnership and agreement is a total must for success. Conflict is supposed to be used to strengthen the couples differences and debt shouldn't be taken into consideration. Sexual temptation is dangerous and harmful and has catastrophic effects. Forgiveness is the most important attitude that established las success. If both are on the same side and are aiming to be a team, there's lots of changes they will do great. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review.

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25 Book Reviews