Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Book review: Secret Keeper Girl by Dannah Gresh

Meet a good read for teaching  girls ages 8-10 about modesty and their body image knowledge. Secret Keeper Girl is designed to help tween girls understand their dignity and value in Christ. This book includes a creative self-help space, quizzes, games, exploded quotes and graphics to help the girls absorb the message. Dannah Gresh has been studying at-risk teen and tween behavior numerous times and discovered that girls who are exposed to an age-appro­priate, Bible-based understanding of beauty and fashion between the ages of 8-12 have bigger chances to be less likely to engage in early sexual activity or encounter body image issues. Another advantage is that they tend to have healthy friendships, excel academically, and become positive social contributors in their com­munities. The benefit is that they can express their beauty and value in an appropriate way. Secret Keeper Girl is meant to teach tween girls how valuable they are and how to honor their God-given dignity. It’s a tool to help girls in their identity in Christ. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Book review: Secret Keeper Girl Mom-Daughter Devi’s

Nowadays it’s very challenging times for teenagers to deal with all the body image issues. They need help in navigating the hard times and moms have quite an opportunity to give their advice so that it can be a useful helping tool. Secret Keeper Girl Mom-Daughter Devos present the truths of that book and provides an opportunity for moms to talk through these important issues with their daughters. This work it’s not just a book but a bonding or connecting experience for mothers and daughters. It is an opportunity to go on a journey to meet with their Creator and learn to see themselves through His eyes. The wonderful Secret Keeper Girl Mom-Daughter Devos has a simple format of 30 daily devotions that includes weekly interactive conversation starters, a leader’s guide appendix at the end and downloadable resources at the author’s website. The Secret Keeper Girls series is an effort to bring moms and daughters together for age-appropriate, biblical conversations about the true beauty, modesty, sincerity and purity. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Book review: Raising Men, not Boys By Mike Fabarez

Nowadays we’re living in crucial times where it can get challenging to raise children. The main key things that parents need require lots of wisdom and perseverance. This book focuses on the way of raising a generation of men on godly principles, being able to represent God through their lives. In this book, Pastor and author Mike Fabarez will help parents pass the baton of faith on to their sons. The things you will learn are being able to envision your son’s future every day, setting his spiritual trajectory, building a home that grows godly men. Other things include addressing the rebellion in their son’s heart, how to prepare him to face the world and contribute to it. Also got to help your son toward  a right view of play and leisure and of course navigating through the teenage years. There is an huge need of grown men with the maturity of young boys. Children are a gift from the Lord, a blessing. Reading Raising Men, Not Boys will help you develop the gift of parenting and shepherd to your sons to be men of God. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Book review: Cool, calm and connected by Arlene Pelicane

 In today’s life everyone uses phones or computers way more than ever and more than needed, getting even overwhelmed and distracted. It’s known that overuse of technology is harmful to our health and relationships. Changing our digital habits it’s a challenge we need to overcome. In Calm, Cool, and Connected, Arlene Pellicane presents a 5-step plan that helps focus our lives on Jesus and love others while cutting down on the time online. Everyone need to implement a few easy habits into our daily routine in order to transform our relationship with technology and enjoy more time with God, family and friends. So often we become consumed and busy with our devices, we suppress or ignore what’s most important. Instead we are focusing on the urgent and sensational aspects that are not important. The key is a balanced technology use, a balanced life. This book offers practical insights, helpful tips, it’s a good tool for parents who are navigating the new work of raising kids who have acces to so much information through the internet. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Book review: Money problems, Marriage solutions

Money problems, Marriage solutions if a wonderful book that can help any married couple prevent issues that are so common. The number one predictor of a divorce are money problems, not children, sex, in-laws or anything else. It's generally the money, for both men and women." God want us to have happy marriages but Satan seeks every means possible to destroy marriages. The enemy in our lives is creating conflict around finances as one of the favorite tactics used. There is more to money problems besides not sticking to the budget. Throughout the reading of the book, Chuck and Ann Bentley reveal the underlying issues of financial and relational conflict. They present how these issues steal from the couples their joy, intimacy and marital satisfaction. Money Problems, Marriage Solutions presents seven keys to peace in marriage, it’s a helping tool  for couples to unite and have victory in resolving financial issues together as a team. There are wonderful real-life stories, solid references from the Scripture and practical steps for application that are a real help to both husbands and wives. You can find in this book a plan for getting back on the same team. This book gives hope to couples struggling with money problems. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Book review: Unwrapping the Names of Jesus by Asheritah Ciuciu

Unwrapping the names of Jesus is a nice opportunity to prepare for celebrating the Christmas season. One of the most wonderful time in the holidays is preparing our hearts to celebrate Him. In Unwrapping the Names of Jesus, Asheritah Ciuciu helps readers to prepare through the four weeks of Advent (Hope, Preparation, Joy, and Love). Every week she begins with an interactive family devotional that equips readers to celebrate Advent together. Also she presents five daily reflections that focus on that week's name of Jesus. The book includes suggestions for fun-filled family activities or service projects. This devotional can be used by readers in their own personal worship times or as a way in engaging in family worship during the holidays. The devotional helps you prepare your hearts for the celebration of the birth of baby Jesus. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Book review: Anatomy of an affair by Dave Carder

One of the adultery dangers is that it can happen to anyone, it’s better to avoid saying: "It won't happen to me." A lot of people think their marriage is safe from adultery and don’t worry about it whatsoever, when in reality they may be the most vulnerable. This book has lots of practical stories, clinical insights, also recent data. Dave Carder reveals what adulterers learned the hard way, what they want the rest of us to know to save us the pain and misery of such a destructive experience. Dave Carder is a counselor and author of the best-selling Torn Asunder, also a well known expert on issues of adultery. In the book he presents how to make your marriage adultery-proof. The main things he focuses on are: firstly how attractions can lead to affairs. Secondly: ways you may be vulnerable to affairs. Thirdly: the common ingredients of adultery, also how to restore intimacy to your marriage, how to make wise, protective decisions. A big conclusion: marriage is too sacred to be taken casually. There’s no doubt about it that affairs are a very real threat, and they can destroy lives and families. As a result, Anatomy of an Affair should be read by every married couple. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Book review: Design your day by Claire Diaz-Ortiz

This well written book about how to organize your day is a great work of Claire Diaz-Ortiz, where she illustrates every step necessary in setting and achieving goals. She gives tips on making good goals, choose the best ones and adjust them to make them realistic. There are wonderful examples of how to strategize, how to reach them, day-by-day, year-by-year in an efficient manner. Different projects can include: a house project, losing weight, writing a book, etc. is an all-in-one guide to smart productivity. Would recommend this book to anyone. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Book review: Daring to hope by Katie Davis

Daring to hope is a wonderful inspiration to faith even when things turn out differently than desired. Katie moved to Uganda when she was a teenager and founded a successful humanitarian organization, also became a mother through adoption and served wherever God called her. Unfortunately after an unexpected tragedy that hit her family, she felt the first waves of doubt in the goodness of God. While having these doubts Katie continued to turn to God. In this book she shares what she learned during that tumultuous time and offers encouragement to everyone to seek God even in those unexpected painful places one can be. In these hard times you can hear God's whisper of love, His filling of peace, and surprising, unexpected gifts of joy.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Book review: Worship, the reason we were created by A. W. Tozer

A. W. Tozer really enjoyed the the topic of worship, this book examines the act and object of worship. He saw worship as the main reason for which creation exists. Worship: The Reason We Were Created includes collections from the wonderful  spiritual writer on this important subject. This work is concentrated on thinking about the church's current worship and provoke the church to true, spiritual worship. Some of the topics included in the book are: the act and object of worship, the Presence of God, worship throughout the week, feelings and emotion in worship, man as a worshipping creature. Also there's an emotional expression during prayer and praise that's expressed well. We are made to worship God, it is the most important reason that we exist. We are most alive when we live for His glory. Therefore reading this book would benefit everyone. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review.

Front Cover

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Book review: Spiritual discipleship by J. Oswald Sanders

Oswald Sanders teaches inspiration and instruction for spiritual maturity, he presents how true discipleship is more than believing in Christ, it involves the whole person and lifestyle. There are lots of biblical requirements presented that teach the nature of true discipleship in Christ.
Those people that only have the belief vulnerable to fall from the faith. We learn how Sanders says a true disciple is charged with the task of training himself  to be godly, because it is his responsibility to remain spiritually fit. Some of the topics in this work include: the disciple's second chance, the disciple's ambition, the disciple's senior partner, the disciple's olympics, the disciple's righs and the disciple's maturity. There is also included a "For Reflection" guide, this book is ideal for both individual and group study. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review. 

Book review: Whisper by Mark Batterson

The most powerful voice is the whole Universe is the voice of God Almighty that created the cosmos by just speaking the words, same voice that parted the Red sea, also made the sun and everything that exists. The same voice is speaking to us now! The amazing voice is God’s voice, He often speaks in a whisper too. This is to draw us close to Him. Lots of people have a hard time believing God still speaks. In the ancient times, in mysterious ways, God spoke to His people, and presently we need to hear Him speaking. Mark Batterson believes God speaks to us and throughout the books he presents the seven love unique and divine languages of God.
As we understand to learn each language, we can be able to hear His guidance in simple as well as major choices. God is constantly speaking through: Scripture, Desires, Doors, Dreams, People, Promptings, Pain, etc. Batterson gives us the tools we need to unlock each of these languages. God’s whisper can answer our most burning questions, calm our deepest fears and fulfill our loftiest dreams. This book encourages us to be open to hear God’s voice in every aspect of our lives. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Book review: The wisdom of God by A.W. Tozer

The main message of the Wisdom of God is that were created by God and for God, and as a result: the only way to find true joy, peace, and contentment is by understanding and embracing His wisdom. Wisdom is a practical tool for living the best possible life. Tozer teaches throughout the book on this topic and explains the well-lived Christian life. God's wisdom shows His character that's inseparable from His love and grace. When we experience His wisdom, we automatically draw closer to Him. As we know God more, we will change our decisions, our attitudes will be transformed and relationships renewed. This way we become all God wants us to be.
By embracing His wisdom, we overcome temptation, we seeing and appreciate God's hand in everything and learn how to be committed to God. This book can change our decisions, attitudes, and relationships, putting us on the path to becoming all God wants us to be. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review.

Book review: sex and the single girl by Juli Slattery

Juli Slattery, great psychologist has years of experience equipping women with God’s truth about sexuality. Her wonderful work: Sex and the single girl, states how every sexual choice is also a spiritual choice. The work is broken into six-week study which includes five days for each weeks, encourages study and reflection. The study includes topics like the importance of sexuality, expressing the connection between spirituality and sexuality. Another topic is about embracing a grand design: exploring God’s design and the beauty of living according to His wisdom. There is a good emphasis on sexuality and your character. This teaches women think through how their sexuality is part of their worship and Christian identity. Sexual Boundaries and battling temptations helps women prepare for and stand against sexual temptation. Restoring intimacy with God explains how God can tear apart the walls of sexual sin, shame, confusion and being forgiveness and redemption. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review.

Book review: The treasure principle by Randy Alcorn

This wonderful book by Randy Alcorn presents readers a revolution in freedom and radical generosity. The treasure principle was first published in 2001. This new revised bestseller book includes a provocative new conclusive chapter illustrating how God asks a believer questions about his stewardship over material resources. This is a thoughtful Bible meditation of the highly personal aspect of everyday's life. Jesus told His followers to “lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven,” because this is the most important thing. The secret lays in the fact that joyful giving brings God maximum glory and His children maximum pleasure. Everything else in this world will fade but the things done for Jesus will remain. Will not be burned or destroyed but have meaning and value. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Book review: Spiritual leadership by J. Oswald Sanders

This book underlines the importance of talented and humble leaders in the church. There is a real need of men and women who are guided by the Holy Spirit and devoted to Jesus Christ while ministering to believers. Spiritual leadership teaches how to develop leadership. In this book J. Oswald Sanders presents the key principles of leadership in the physical and spiritual realms. The author presents examples from Scripture and biographies of amazing men of God (Moses, Nehemiah, Paul, David Livingstone, Charles Spurgeon, etc). The leadership qualities are God-given, their true effectiveness can be reached when they are used to the glory of God. Some of the main topics include the cost of leadership as being a sacrifice, the responsibility of leadership which shouldn't be taken lightly, because leaders will be taken accountable of the model they testify. The tests of leadership are really challenging and mature every believer. The qualities and criteria of leadership are well presented. The art of reproducing leaders is well established. There is one indispensable requirement of leadership that every leader should present. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Book review: Spiritual maturity by J. Oswald Sanders

Spiritual Maturity is a wonderful book in which J. Oswald Sanders talks about the passion to press on in Christ to achieve spiritual maturity. Throughout the book, the author explores the primary source of continual growth. There are three parts, organized around the persons of the Trinity in which there are presented matters like how we should view God, why our weakness is God's strength. Also what it means that Christ prays for us, how to live like an heir of the King. Lastly we leaarn about what is the role of the Spirit in a Christian's life. This book clearly provides good direction for those that want to grow strong spiritually. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review. 

Friday, July 14, 2017

The dream centered life by Luke Barnett

Following our dreams makes us live happy and it is beautiful to follow our hearts. The dream centered life helps us be a wide-eyed visionary dream-chaser. 
The first step in accomplishing it is to realize that God has specific, amazing plans for us. After we discover what drives you at the deepest level, you’ll overcome any barrier that stands between you and your new reality. 
The dream centered life offers practical ways to be a great dreamer. This book contains personal experiences and fresh insights from world-class dreamers. Besides these, Luke Barnett discusses other topics like the origins of dreams, the characteristics of a dreamer, the habits of dreamers. Dream lifters, dream busters are also good topics. Dreaming with confidence is one of the important subjects that this book present. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Book review: Kingdom disciples by Tony Evans

The missing key to Christianity is discipleship. In Kingdom Disciples, Tony Evans presents a simple, action oriented definition of discipleship with the purpose of helping the church fulfill its calling. It's a book that teaches what a disciple is, what a disciple cares about, how to be a disciple and make disciples, what discipleship looks like in community, what the impact of discipleship on the world should be.
Kingdom disciples are needed. The power, authority, abundance, victory, and impact God has promised willcome to us about when we understand and align ourselves with His concept of discipleship. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for the review.

Front Cover

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Book review: Lord change my attitude before it's too late by James MacDonald

Lord change my attitude before it's too late is a bold, practical and well constructed book that helps everyone break away from the negativity that destroys happiness. This wonderful book includes study application questions in each chapter that make it easy for the readers to identify the attitudes of the heart that need change in order for God's abundance to overflow in their lives. Most patterns of thinking don't easily change overnight. Pastor MacDonald shows readers how to begin to recognize wrong attitudes and points out how to work on replacing these with the right ones. It all starts with the thoughts we have, then with the beliefs, the way we perceive the reality around us which then transforms into actions. Good habits needs lots of repetitive acts that get imprinted in our behavior. When we break free from bondage and negative behavior, we develop a positive attitude that will follow a good positive behavior. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review.

Book review: How we love by Milan and Kay Yerkovich

How we love by Milan and Kay Yerkovich it's a powerful work that shows how the early life of a person's experiences created an “intimacy imprint”, a rooted blueprint that shapes their behavior, beliefs, expectations of the relationships it has, especially the marriage. Both Milan and Kay underline four types of injured imprints that become a conflict combination in the marriage to trap couples in a repetitive dance of suffering. They offer practical solutions in this book that prepare anyone for action. The first step is to identify the imprints disrupting your marriage. The second step is to understand how your love style impacts your partner. Third breaking free from negative patterns that hinder your relationship is mandatory. Another action step is to enhance your sexual intimacy and lastly to create a deeper, richer marriage of your dreams. The truths presented in this book are transforming, countless relationships and encourage a more healthy, passionate relationship. I received a copy of the book from the publisher. 

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Book review: Worn out by Obedience by John Morley

Worn out by obedience is an eye opener to the reality of spiritual tiredness and solutions for it. The best e.g. is illustrated by King David, a man after God’s own heart that went through it. In this book he is presented as a spiritual mentor. David is flawed, passionate for God, sincere. He is the person we are and the person we want to be. We learn in this book that God often shapes our hearts in seasons of brokenness, loneliness, and disappointment more than any other time. We. can also be very much modeled sometimes even in our disobedience, despair.Anyone that's is spiritually weary, discouraged, exhausted can be encouraged through this book to keep going or even start making progress if didn't begin the process. In this book anyone can discover the are signs of spiritual fatigue and how to avoid and overcome  them. God uses all our life experiences both good and bad to form Christ in us. The hope is in  God’s great grace of rescue, recovery and restoration available to us. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review. 

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Book review: Finally Focused by James Greenblatt

Dr. James Greenblatt has been helping thousands of children and adults battling with the symptoms of ADHD – hyperactivity, inattentiveness, impulsiveness and irritability. His protocol doesn't simply focus on prescribing medication for their ADHD symptoms, he personalizez remedies to his patients’ individual needs, detecting and treating the underlying causes of the disorder, not the symptoms.
Finally Focused provides proven natural and medical methods to easily treat problems including nutritional deficiencies or excesses, dysbiosis (a microbial imbalance inside the body), sleeping difficulties, and food allergies, all of which can cause or worsen the symptoms of ADHD. Dr. Greenblatt developed this effective Healing Plan to help people understand the reasons behind their child's symptoms. As a result they will be able to eliminate these things by addressing the child’s unique pattern of biological weakness. This book is also very helpful for adults dealing with ADHD which can apply for themselves. After the treatment some might choose to still consider conventional medication if necessary. This integrative approach will minimize or eliminate dangerous side effects. Dr. Greenblatt’s expert advice helped millions of children and adults with ADHD to miraculously get the help they need to achieve true wellness. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Book review: Follow the cloud by John Stickl

One of the hardest things in life is learning to hear God's voice. Also realizing God's plan for our life is pretty hard. But the answer may be easier than we think. God led the Israelites from Egypt to the Promised Land by a cloud they had to follow. They were led in an intimately personal, live presence one step at a time. They didn't understand the whole picture but they had to learn to follow by faith. Pastor John Stickl inspires us to stop letting obligation drive us and instead let grace lead us. We shouldn't focus on our faithfulness toward God but focus on God’s faithfulness toward us? The cloud of God’s presence is moving in each one of us lives right now driving us to take new decisions, do different explores, start new initiatives. God is leading us to discover who we are, who He is, and what we were created to do. He is inviting us to a life of freedom and victory one step at a time. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review.


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Book review: A journey to victorious praying by Bill Thrasher

A journey to victorious praying is a help for any believer. We truly need faith and a sincere desire for God's direction in the way we act. Guidance is something we really need. Nowadays humans struggle with the discipline and results of prayer. A journey to victorious praying adresses this subject in a beautiful way. Dr. Bill Thrasher underlies how we suffer from fear and a lack of understanding about the nature of prayer. This wonderful book shows readers that prayer is simply coming before Christ with an attitude of helplessness, total surrender, opening up our needy lives to Him and asking for His intervention. The work offers practical insight, and helps readers restore their passion for trying again on this essential journey. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review.

Book review: Included in Christ by Heather Holleman

Included in Christ is a wonderful story type study that brings your life before Bible in the sense of community. It helps discover personal shadow narratives and rewrite those narratives according to biblical truth. Every woman will really enjoy these six “signature stories” of God’s work in their lives. It's a study that focuses on separation, isolation, loneliness, weakness, emptiness, silence. There is a section for sincere sharing and applying of the biblical truths, that provides community, connectedness anf spiritual growth. It is a tool to help you share your story and the redemption of Christ with unbelievers. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Book review: Women who move mountains by Sue Detweiler

Women who move mountains it's a wonderful book that can help any woman grow stronger in the spiritual life. Sue reveals how we can look at the obstacles in our lives and ask God to fulfill Hos promises despite the struggles and hardships. She also underlines the importance of prayer in a fervent, passionate and confident way in order to get results, contrary to the fearful, insecure attitude. I love how she accentuates how to transform the brokenness into wholeness, the anxiety info peace and the disappointment into hope, truly powerful. The whole message concludes with the idea that we have to aim to become powerful women that have strong prayers that can transform us and the people, circumstances around us. Every woman wants to be accepted, loved, appreciated, a blessing, joy to the family and friends around us. By submitting to God's authority, in sincere prayer and trust we can be transformed and fulfill this nurturing role for everyone that comes into our path. I received a copy of the book from Bethany House for this review.

Book review: Never settle for normal by Jonathan Parnell

This wonderful book is truly inspiring. Jonathan Parnell presents how everyone desires to be accepted, recognized and approved. It is a personal need to be valued and happy. One important thing is that God made us to resemble and reflect His worth while we enjoy our true identity in Him. The conflict comes when we switch from that calling to the things of this world, pursuing cheap substitutes to fill the craving of our souls. Love how Jonathan Parnell explains it, we settle for “stupid normal” over the transcendent, even though this world can never satisfy our hopes and dreams. In this work Jonathan speaks to everyone in a profound and insightful way, he examines the key elements of the Christian faith: creation, fall, redemption, new creation. It is also illustrated the new beautiful victorious life every believer can have, living in freedom, letting God fight our battles for us. Motivating and uplifting book that anyone should read. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review.

Book review: The 10 greatest struggles of your life by Colin Smith

The 10 Greatest struggles of your life is a beautiful work by Pastor Colin Smith in which he presents the 10 Commandments illustrating how the very deep significance of them. It is not only about dos and don’ts, the matters of the heart, they also measure our love of God. This book helps reveal areas of your life that are out of line with God's will and teaches what the role of wisdom is in living in greater love, strength, free in Christ. We show our love for God through our obedience to God, submitting to His will and commandments. This way we live in accordance to the Bible and it is a struggle no doubt to let go of our own selfish fleshly desires and live according to the spirit of truth, love and righteousness. Would recommend this book to anyone. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Book review: He calls you beautiful by Dee Brestin

This wonderful, insightful book contains transformative truths for every individual: married or single. I enjoyed the contemporary illustrations. Dee shows how God uses poetry and unique images to illustrate the intimacy that Jesus desires to have with each one of us. 
His love is something that we comprehend and also feel in our heart. He sings over us a song of love, a song of salvation, a song of hope: a Song of songs. Truly is amazing the way God expresses His love and we should be in awe of His love. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Book review: Men who love fierce women by LeRoy and Kimberly Wagner

This book is useful for any family. You will discover how LeRoy in Men who love fierce women is sincere about his failures, frustrations as a husband. In this work he presents the solutions that have saved his marriage. Also you can discover what requirements God has for every husband. Kim and LeRoy offer the tools men need in order to rise up, handle conflict, love their wife. The important role is to lead their marriage, regardless of who has the stronger personality. The husband in this case is calm, quiet and the wife is more fierce. One example is the fact that as the wife pushes, the husband feels the need to withdraws. Or when he leads less, she has the tendency to take over. Any couple can learn how to work together as a team, being in agreement, how to use their personality differences in a constructive way, not a destructive one. Would recommend this book to any married couple. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Book review: When God made you by Matthew Paul Turner

This beautiful children's illustration books is very wonderful and a pleasure to read. It truly shows how unique every child is, how they're created to be a blessing to their family and how God finds pleasure in them. It is well presented, has lots of unique messages, every kid would enjoy it along with the parents. I received a copy from the publisher for this review.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Book review: Failure the back door to success by Erwin W Lutzer

Failure back door to success is a wonderful book in which we can understand that even tough we sin, come short on many things, experience setbacks and have weaknesses, God still uses all of it to get us transformed and mature. It's an inspiring book that teaches anyone lots of things. We have to learn from the past without being controlled by it, have to accept ourselves the way we are and embrace our limitations. Accepting ourselves and seeing us accepted the way God sees us is truly a revelation. We have to become more gracious and kind toward other people and redefine our idea of success. We need faith, confidence, freedom and to know He is at work in us, what He started will bring to completion in our lives. He is not finished with us. Prayer is essential in order to have succes through His work in our lives. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Book review: God's devil by Erwin W Lutzer

God's devil is a well written book that teaches you everything you need to know about how to identify the enemy's attacks, how he brings thoughts to you and tries to influence you to dwell in those thoughts, also how to avoid his attacks. We need to put on the full armor of God to be able to whitstand his attacks. There's lots of information about how Satan fits into God’s great plans for the world. There's also confidence in knowing God has everlasting victory over Satan. Also you will be equipped to withstand Satan’s schemes against you. Would recommend this book to anyone. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Book review: Break open the sky by Stephan Bauman

Break open the sky is a great book that presents how today's society is surrounded by racism, terror and wars and the future looks uncertain. Despite all of this we have to put our faith in God and have hope that all things work for the best and He has everything under control. Living in fear bring anxiety, depression and weakness physically, mentally and spiritually. We need prayer and confidence in God that He will take care of all the problems we may face and that His power in us makes us overcome any evil scheme. If we don't have faith, there's not much left. This book is an eye opener, very motivational, inspiring and interesting to read. It's well presented and inspires hope. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Book review: Lasting love How to avoid marital failure

Alistair Begg wrote this wonderful book that offers motivational and inspiring advice on how to become a blessing for the husband or wife in the context of a constructive marriage, what is the role of each of the partners. There are also many truths concerning the importance of marriage vows, how to help each other to grow spiritually and overcome challenges through open communication and agreement. This book can be helpful to those considering marriage but also to married couples. It's a book that offers advice on rebuilding a marriage that has been decaying and improving relationships. It also comes with a study guide, it's a well presented book. Would recommend this book to anyone. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Book review: Guarded by Christ by Heather Holleman

Guarded by Christ is a great book about the fact that God is guarding the lives of His faithful children. The verse referred to is: "God guards the lives of His faithful ones." (Psalms 97:10)
Heather Holleman is presenting practical ways of renewing the mind for the purpose of living strong in the Lord. One of the ways is by adopting righteousness instead of condemnation. We have to declare that we are the righteousness of Christ in God and not to let condemnation steal from us the right we have as heirs of God. Another way is putting on the shoes of peace with which we can stop the fiery darts of the enemy instead of letting ourselves be covered in anxiety, worry and sickness. Having an attitude of hope instead of despair keeps us strong and positive for any challenge that comes our way and open doors for us that otherwise would not be available. Using the Holy's Spirit power is essential in living right and having victory opposed to having self efforts that don't succed and lead to dissatisfaction, disappointment and frustration. Living a crucified life is the thing that keeps us humble and dependent on God, whereas living a self important life is insanity and leads to our failure and failing. Would recommend this book to anyone. I received a copy from the publisher for this review.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Book review: Radical Spirit by Joan Chittister

Joan Chittister in the wonderful book Radical Spirit teaches 12 simple rules for healthy spiritual life. Every believer today faces lots of disappointments, struggles, worrying or unrestful attitude that can lead to anxiety and depression. If we focus on living humble and sincere we find that the truth sets us free. Our thinking is one of the areas that need to be transformed, renewed in order to get rid of fears, judgments or insecurities. This book is convicting, motivating and has a side of funny that makes it pleasant to read. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Book review: 8 Great Smarts by Kathy Koch

Children are so uniquely created and have an amazing potential. For parents it's important to understand the intelligences children have and reinforce them, improve them so that they can use all 8  smarts. Thinking with words, questions, pictures, melodies, movements, touch, patterns, people or reflections are opportunities to reinforce, reactivate and empower children's abilities. There is a need to work on the non utilized smarts, accepting and understanding children's capabilities. Behavior can be redirected in new positive ways and children can be guided spiritually, in the area of their relationships and choosing of the appropriate carrer. Dr. Kathy Koch is doing a great job in presenting this book with lots of practical applications in an insightful and practical way. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review.

Friday, April 28, 2017

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Book review: Chazown by Craig Groeschel

Chazown is an interesting read, very well written and detailed, enjoyed all the stories and motivational tips. It's truly helpful in realizing the vision, dream imprinted in us that give us fulfillment and desire to fight. Through a humble heart, sincerity and commitment we can embark on the wonderful journey that will lead to the ultimate scope we were created for. Craig Groeschel is making it easy to understand how to be focused on this commitment, being equipped with an attitude of prayer and love. Would recommend this book to anyone. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review.

Book review: Talking with God by Adam Weber

Prayer life is truly important and I was surprised to see how good this wonderful book by Adam Weber is at showing in simple, deep and sincere way how through a personal relationship with God, he started this prayer life that's talking with God like one would do with a best friend. Besides it's the one best friend in the whole wide planet that would never disappoint us or let us down. It's really amazing what a good friend and Dad we have in God. There's lots of practical ways that God answers prayer's in His timing, according to His will, if we're willing to obey His commandments and seek His face sincerely, out of love and desire to know Him intimately. This is the best relationship we can ever invest in and be sure that He will answer every need, every question and give us fulfillment that we are in His will. I received a copy of the book from Blogging for books for this review. Would recommend this book to anyone.

Book review: Seven mile miracle by Steven Furtick

Pastor's Steven Furtick book is a perfect gift this Easter but not only now. It expresses God's final words in His final hours about forgiveness, salvation, relationship, abandonment, distress, triumph and reunion. These key words offer meaning in strengthening our relationship with Jesus. It helps every believer that has unbelief, self doubt, fear how to address these issues. It also makes you reflect on how to overcome the battlefield of the mind and how to get to where one is supposed to be. In this book it's expressed grace, favor, profound sense of the need to focus on the heart, not on the superficial things that people look at. It suggests to be humble, have faith in God, fill our vessels with His power, authority and be led by the Holy Spirit. He can help us overcome and be more than conquerors. I received a copy of the book from the publisher and presented my opinion about it.

Book review: Beauty begins by Chris & Megan Shook

Beauty begins with realizing God loved us from the beginning and has us in mind when we were created just the way we are. We are loved by God and our beautiful spirit is something that has way greater value than the way we look. In this book you will discover how to focus on God's perfect love and not on what today's world sees as beautifully accepted.

Recommend this book to anyone, its insightful and practical, well written and a pleasure to read. I received this book from for this review.

Book review: Nothing to prove by Jennie Allen

It's truly a challenge in today's world to stay strong, committed, faithful and happy especially in times of struggle, disappointment, sadness and failures. Jennie Allen is providing throughout this book solutions that lead you to a life of contentment, joy and stability. Being grateful and looking at the positive picture changes a lot and makes us free knowing that Jesus is enough for us, He can meet all of our needs and can work through us wonderfully as we know and love him more and more. Would recommend this book gladly to anyone. Very well presented and a pleasure to read it. Truly inspiring and motivational.

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FTC: I received this book from the publisher for this review.

Book review: Warfare praying by Mark Bubeck

Mark Bubeck offers a lot of biblical wisdom, lots of personal stories and steps for walking in spiritual victory. Pastor Bubeck shares tactics for triumph sincerely and profoundly. You will discover the importance of walking with the Lord, being filled with the Holy Spirit, wearing the whole armor of God and praying strong in the midst of spiritual warfare. Our priority relationship should be getting to know God very well and that's how we have victory in our spiritual battles, letting Him fight the battles for us. We need to communicate with Him, ask for help and guidance and live in obidience and surrender. The more we are filled with His Holy Spirit, the more we become like Him and it's our secret weapon along with having the full armor of God with that we can stop any spiritual attacks that come against us and win the battle. Our priority should be praying often in our secret place and having faith that He who is in us is bigger than the one who is in the world. Would recommend this book to anyone. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review.

Book review: 25 Questions you're afraid to ask about love, .. by Juli Slattery

Dr. Juli Slattery is doing a great job at responding 25 of the most important questions people might have about intimacy, love and personal inquiries any couple may struggle with. There's lots of practical tips that clear up some misconceptions or doubts. Intimacy is a very important element that brings together a couple or distances them, so it's very important to communicate these needs. This helps in keeping the partners in agreement, it's very useful information for both to understand the importance of expressing each other's needs, desires, deal with any differences so that both of them are happy. This communication improves a marriage and avoids any possible issues that can separate couples or get them unfulfilled because they're needs are not met. Would recommend to any woman or man that needs a little insight on improving some things that are useful and practical regarding the questions dealt with in this work. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review. 

Book review: No more perfect marriages by Mark & Jill Savage

Marriage requires lots of work, it's a lifetime process to get better at it and a daily choice and challenge to love the spouse, understand and accept the differences because that's what makes it unique and special. A growing marriage brings emotional positive environment in which the partners compliment and support each other through all the hardships and beautiful moments. It's not easy but worth fighting for with the whole being and learning how to progress. Mark and Jill Salvage do a great work in this insightful book, lots of comparisons, thinks to reflect on, experiences that influence and motivate to keep pressing on for the most beautiful experience and life a person can have with the loved one. I received a copy from the publishing house and expressed my honest opinion about this book.

Book review: Full by Asheritah Ciuciu

Truly a good book that explains the need people have to dig into relationship with God but instead they get themselves into bondage over food. This crave sensation is natural and with lots of praying and self control can be overcome. Asheritah offers solutions to discipline, lots of practical tips and motivation to get strong and find fullness in God. This is a wonderful explained book, easy to read, practical and on point. I received a copy from the publisher and this is my opinion about it. Would recommend this to anyone.

Book review: 8 Simple tools for raising great kids by Dr. Todd Cartmell

Truly an inspiring book that offers lots of practical advice how to raise kids that follow God and live for Him. We have been given a big responsibility and educating kids is a big challenge. Dr. Todd is doing a great job in presenting how to implement the right tools to shape the children and offer them the right example and teaching. Education is a hard task, needs lots of practice, patience, perseverance, love, prayer. Sometimes it's challenging but the amount of reward when children grow up godly it's phenomenal. Would recommend this book to every parent, it is well written, concise, well presented. I received a copy from the publisher for this review.

Book review: Kingdom prayer by Tony Evans

Kingdom prayer is a great practical book that offers a lot of applications in every believers life of how to take advantage of the power that we have through prayer. Not only are we getting in a closer relationship to God being in prayer, but also changes our attitudes, the way we think, and changes us. There is a lot of power when we pray boldly and when we believe. We also help people around that need support. Praise and worship is detrimental in our Christian life. Tony Evans offers lots of Bible verses and solutions that help every believers to become equipped with this powerful weapon. Would recommend this book to anyone. Very motivational, well presented and explained. I received a copy of the book from the publisher and expressed my opinion about it.

Book review: The 5 love languages of children by Gary Chapman

The 5 love languages for children is a great book that offers insightful information on how to discover and speak your child's love language, how to use the love languages to help your child learn best and how to discipline in a loving, effective way. It's very important to communicate the live and make sure the children get it. Both authors are presenting tips on how important the physical toughness is, the need of words of affirmation is required and the presence of gifts and acts of service. Also quality time is a must that can't be substituted for anything. There's also presented good evidence of the importance of discipline, learning, how to improve patience, calm, wisdom and education of the children. I would recommend this book to every parent. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for the review.

Book review: The 5 love languages military edition by Gary Chapman

Gary Chapman is doing a great job throughout the book at offering insight, ideas that help any military couple. There's lots of stories and practical applications of this wonderful military wife that can help anyone going through a hard time separated. It's also therapeutical to see different ways of helping the partners in opening up and sharing any traumas or struggles dealt with while away. The book is similar to the original book that I read by Gary and it's simple, easy to understand, would recommend it to anyone. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review.